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Be Well Case Study


Be Well, by The Stapleton Foundation (Non-profit)

This campaign aimed to educate residents in Denver’s ethnically and socioeconomically diverse far northeast neighborhoods about how to monitor their own heart health to prevent problems. The campaign also aimed to result in the recruitment of at least 35 community volunteers to serve as “block captains” who would assist with this health monitoring and with the distribution of health-related information to more than 750 residents within the campaign’s targeted “Be Well Zone.”

This was one project that really allowed me to speak from the heart. We particularly enjoy tackling projects that serve the communities we are a part of.

Though we researched heart disease and the health problems that especially afflict African Americans and Latinos in the United States and also the barriers that stand in their way to afforable and adequate healthcare, this was one campaign we knew very personally how to develop and implement. Many of our neighbors and friends lived in the “Be Well Zone” established by The Stapleton Foundation.

The messaging and materials we developed were, first and foremost, educational. They were easy to identify and understand. They were warm and inviting. They incorporated images and messaging truly reflective of Denver’s far northeast neighborhoods. The entire campaign was translated into Spanish to reach the zone’s large Hispanic community.

The overarching “Be Well” brand identity I created also had to speak to the uniqueness of the campaign’s collaborating community partners. There were dozens of community groups and organizations supporting this initiative. I worked carefully and thoughtfully with them to ensure the final product met their requirements.

Below are a few of the samples from the Be Well campaign.

Be Well Case Study