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Human Factory Case Study


“The Human Factor” campaign for All American Energy


Educate the public on the need to conserve energy by reducing usage during peak consumption periods of the hot summer months through a human-centric brand narrative that’s fueled by traditional advertising methods to create an online community of practitioners.


Created the “Human Factor Alliance”, a socially conscience movement that address the daily human factors in energy usage.

Branded Collateral
We developed a human centric identity and brand as well as consistent messaging.

Grassroots Events and Promotions
To create excitement and build momentum around the Human Factor, we organized an online contest soliciting images of what people would “take off” during the summer months to keep cool. Winners would receive prizes such as an iPad. A fun effort to garner excitement and build awareness about little things people can do to make a big impact on the environment.

Partnerships and Co-branding
Networks can reap big results in the form of broad community support, partnerships, fresh ideas and resources. We helped identified local, professional organizations, thought leaders, government agencies, and large and small utility companies that would be willing to support or adopt the Human Factor platform.

Web Development
We developed a web presence for the Human Factor as well as a back-end structure to support and promote the community of practitioners.

Video Production
We also developed a 30-second promotional ad for the concept of “Turn it Up, Take it Off”

Human Factory Case Study