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TP Case Study


Transformation Point, Inc. (Corporate Communications)


Brand renewal, web development, strategic design communications and video


Transformation Point (TP) helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve measurable and sustainable improvements in performance. TP works with small, medium and large companies and government agencies to help them:

  • Align people, process and technology to maximize results.
  • Develop, energize and synergize their workforce.
  • Make effective and sustainable choices.
  • Deliver products and services more efficiently and effectively.
  • Improve operational performance.

Transformation Point offers a suite of services and products that provides several options for identifying individual, team and organizational needs for change and implementing effective strategies to address them.

Our challenge was to develop a unique identity for the Transformation Point brand that allowed the company to expand into new product and service offerings, such as books and consulting services.

The designs featured below were developed to support a variety of communications aimed at educating select markets about TP’s offerings and at persuading and inviting select markets to learn more about — and engage with — the company.


TP Case Study