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USTA Case Study


United States Tennis Association (Communications & Video)


To create a visual brand to promote the USTA’s TennisFest Series, which is a traveling exhibit curated by the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum.


The International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum in Newport, R.I., was established in 1954 to preserve the history of tennis, attract junior players and inspire them to advance in the sport, and to serve as a landmark for tennis enthusiasts worldwide. USTA Colorado supports the national organization — but also has its own goals and local initiatives to champion. For example, USTA Colorado has particularly focused in recent years on encouraging ethnic minorities to participate in the sport.

With the interests of both the national and local organizations in mind, we developed an array of Colorado-specific materials to support the USTA’s Celebrating Diversity Tennisfest, which was promoted at several Colorado events and festivals.

Branded collateral ensured consistent messaging and established one image that supported the goals of the local and national USTA organizations. A video produced applied that same consistency and supported the branded collateral. The documentary short, titled “Crossing the Net: Denver City Park & the Black Tennis Experience,” captures Denver’s tennis history, culture and passion for the sport while showcasing a few local tennis heroes who, over the years, have made Denver City Park a home for tennis lovers of all ethnicities and races who are young, old, rich, poor, beginners or professionals.

Community feedback and membership renewals have inspired USTA Colorado to continue expanding its Diversity Tennisfest campaign.


USTA Case Study